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The Province of Ontario has released the "List of Essential Workplaces". Vulcan Electric will continue to provide products and services as an Essential Workplace while maintaining the safety of our workers. We will remain operational during this period and prioritize according to the most Essential Services needs.


Whether you’re on this site researching Standby Chargers for navigation or institutional use, Motive/Industrial Chargers for fork lifts, scissor lifts, golf carts or floor sweepers or Automotive/Battery Shop Chargers you can count on one thing. The performance and reliability of all Vulcan chargers is an historical certainty.

Since 1896, Vulcan Electric Inc. has been synonymous with reliable battery charging power systems. Back then, we made batteries that supplied the energy for many of the electric-car prototypes that were prevalent at the time. By 1926, we were manufacturing battery chargers and we have been ever since.

Without question, Canadian made Vulcan battery chargers are the hardest working and most reliable on the market. We use heavy-duty copper wire in our transformers instead of aluminium because it provides superior heat transfer, conductivity and reliability. To further enhance longevity, our stud type diodes are heavier and our steel is thicker. Check the History section for amazing true stories about the indestructibility of Vulcan chargers.

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