Vulcan Electric Chargers
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Whether you’re purchasing a charger for a transport
or construction company, a transit system or a car
dealership, Vulcan offers you the hardest working,
longest lasting chargers on the market.

Automotive/Battery Shop
Vulcan’s rolling battery chargers can be found right across Canada, from fishing villages in Newfoundland, to mining camps in British Columbia and the majority of farms and garages in between. And, every one is still built with the same Class “A” transformer we’ve been using since the 1930’s.

We do build ‘em like they used to, and they’ll out-work and out-last anything that’s made “offshore” by a long shot. The History of the Vulcan automotive charger is filled with stories of brand loyalty and product performance that endure from The Great Depression until today. Rarely does a product become so ingrained in the fabric of a country and generate such steadfast consumer allegiance.