Battery chargers
            Vulcan Electric  

When there’s work to be done Vulcan is there with
dependability and great value.

These cost effective, fully automatic chargers combine current design with Vulcan reliability. Superior construction and heavy-duty components allow us to offer a 5 year guarantee with any model you choose.

FR / CV / EA Chargers
These chargers are ideally suited for floor sweepers/ scrubbers, pallet movers, scissor lifts and golf carts. To operate, you simply connect the battery and all operations are automatic including automatic start/stop/refresh with an LED read-out to indicate the state of the recharging process. Available in a variety of currents and voltages.

A2P A3P Chargers
Ideal for larger capacity material handling, these chargers are part of our Micro-Smart Lift Truck Series. Make one connection and the Micro-Smart control does the rest. Available in a variety of currents and voltages.

NOTE: Vulcan’s Motive/Industrial chargers ship within 5 days

  Motive Industrial chargers