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When your back up power system simply has to work,
Vulcan is the obvious choice.

Vulcan engineers customize standby chargers (SCA) for critical applications like; hospitals, airports or water treatment plants, as well as basic back up chargers (DSP) for non-critical applications such as private homes or golf courses.

SCA Chargers
For decades, Vulcan has been the engineers’ choice for standby chargers in critical applications. In fact, many project specs recommend Vulcan chargers by name.

These SCA chargers come with a 10-year performance guarantee and can be engineered with basic features or more extended features such as alarms, high precision metering or whatever else your specs require.

DSP Chargers
These economical 12V and 24V chargers were created to provide years of service in non-critical applications. Although they do not feature the redundancy of our SCAs, the DSPs represent Vulcan’s workhorse line, and are still engineered with heavier more reliable components than those found in many “off-shore” chargers.

NOTE: Vulcan’s SCA and DSP chargers ship within 5 days.